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Kids Are Created Too Summer Programs

Second Annual Kids Are Creative Too!! Summer Program 2024

June 17th -August 2nd – Various Locations throughout Lexington

** $50.00 Registration Donation. Registration Assistance is available for those who qualify. **

Alpha Boys - This program helps to cultivate creative art, communication, critical thinking, leadership, and vital life skills development. 

Basketball Skills and Drills - This program dribbles you from a beginner to a mid-level basketball player. Learn about conditioning, passing, dribbling, and beginning drills.

Creative Art - This program explores the creative part of your mind. This program covers painting, drawing, and different types of molding. 

Critical Condition Dance - This program is for beginning to advanced dancers. Dance your way through the summer in this hip-hop dance and step program. 

The Music Experience - This program brings music to life. Learn the basics of music, the background of music, and different genres of music. 

The World of Astronomy - This program takes a deep dive into space. Learn about Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Black Holes, White Holes, Exoplanets, Exomoons, and more.

Planting Generational Seeds - This program teaches you how to create life. Learn basic to mid-level gardening and aquaponics systems. 

Windy Elite AAU - This program allows you to ball your way to the top. This program requires advanced basketball skills. Ages 12-14 only. 

Young Writers Club - This program explores the literary minds of readers and writers.

Young Performers Program - This program takes performing to a whole new level. Go from basic to advanced performer in two months.

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